Trap 2014 Installation – Server/Standalone

Download and Install


In order to install 3S Trap 2014 first, you will need to go to your downloads. Then you will want to select “Trap 2014 V2.1”


Once the program has finished downloading, go to your downloads folder. Right-click on the file named ” 3S_T14V2″ then select “Extract All” then click Extract

Once the file is done extracting you will be taken to a directory with a file named “3S_T14V2”  Run it


Click “OK” then “Unzip”

Once this is done unzipping click “OK” then click “Close”

Now navigate to “C:\3S T14 V2 INSTALL“. Double click on “3S Trap 14 32bit BDE Setup”.

Allow the program to run. Once the program is running click “Next” until the install is finished then click “Finish”

Now run the file named “TRAP 14 FULL SETUP”.

Allow the program to run. Click “Next” until you are asked to agree to the TOS. Select “I agree” then click next until you get the error 1406. Click Ignore. When the next error message comes up click Ignore again. This will not cause problems with 3S

Now click Finish. You are now complete with the installation process. Next we will go over configuring the BDE and Trap2014



BDE Configuration

NOTE: if you are configuring a server machine please map the local computer as a network drive just like a client. Then use the full location just like it was a client machine. Steps to map a network drive and setup the BDE in network mode please follow the client setup guide. (Use “\\ServerName\3S\ThreeSTrap\Data” instead of “C:\3S\ThreeSTrap\Data”)(Coming soon)

The first step to configuring the BDE is by setting it to run as admin. Navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Borland Shared\BDE“. Right-click on the file named “bdeadmin” then select properties

Now that the properties window is open click “Compatibility”

then click “Change settings for all users”

Now Select “Run this program as an administrator” then click “OK”

Close the properties window.


Now double-click on “bdeadmin” and allow it to run. Once the BDE is running click on the “Databases” tab.

NOTE: If there is a database named “trap_06” or “trap06_back” delete it, by right-clicking on the name and then select “Delete”, click “OK”.


1- Goto the “Object” menu then select “New”

2- Leave the Database Driver Name as “STANDARD” then click “OK”

3- Name the Alias “3SData” (or whatever the alias is specified to be in the steps below)

4- Double-click on the area next to path

Then select the directory “C:\3S\ThreeSTrap\Data”

Click “OK”, then press Control+A on your keyboard. Finally press “OK” again to save the changes you made.

Repeat steps 1-4. Instead of using the alias “3SData” you will use the aliases “Trap14“, “Trap14_Back“, and “Trap14_Local

Now click on the “Configuration” tab. Double-Click on “Drivers” then “Native” then “Paradox”.

Double click on “NET DIR” and set it up to be the same directory as the “3SData” alias (“C:\3S\ThreeSTrap\Data” in this example)

Now close the BDE and click “OK” to any prompts. Now you have setup the BDE and it is time to setup the


Trap 2014 Configuration

First to setup 3S you will need to make sure the program is set to run as administrator just like the BDE. Navigate to “C:\3S\ThreeSTrap” then find the “WindowsTrap.exe” file. Right click on it and select properties

Now that the properties window is open click on “Compatibility” then select “Change Settings for all users”. Select run as administrator, then select “OK”

Now double-click on “WindowsTrap”, allow the program to run. You will see a notice saying “the current PC Name is not found in the permissions table”. Because this PC is running as a server click “Yes”

A new screen will open click “ADD”

Now restart 3S and you are fully configured. Before you start setting up your shoot follow this guide on installing the PCMASTER update for your organization.