Shoot Pro Standalone Installation

Hello, today we are going to install a standalone copy of shoot pro. First, you are going to want to go to your downloads. Then download both the Shoot Pro installer and the Network Configuration Utility.


Once the downloads are complete run the installer. Now, read the terms of service on the website. Once you have read the Terms of Service, click on the “I accept the agreement” radio button. Then click “Next”.

Now click next until the program begins installing

Once the installation is complete click the “Finish” button.

Now open the Shoot Pro Network Configuration Utility, click the “Get Started” button

Now select “Standalone” then click “Next”

Now click the “Apply” button, then click the “Ok” button. The utility will now close

Now open 3S. You will get the error code #1100, this will happen every time you start ShootPro after try to open 3s after you have restarted your computer. All you need to do is click “Ok” and it will go away.


This will only happen once. Windows firewall will open. Allow the application access to both Private and Public network types. Then click the Allow Access buttons

Now it is time to configure the network. In Shoot Pro there are two different ways you can configure the network, Secure and Insecure. Today we will be using the insecure mode which will allow any computers on the list to connect to Shoot Pro. Secure will require everyone who wants to use Shoot Pro sign in with a pin configured by the admin. You will get a message telling you that the computer is not authorized on the network. Since this machine is the server you will be allowed to configure the network, click the yes button.

Now that the computer configuration screen is open delete all of the existing computers on the list

Now locate the computer name. Goto the start menu by clicking the windows icon in the lower lefthand corner, then click the gear icon.

Once settings is open go to “System” then go to the “About” tab in the left-hand panel. Then locate “Device Name” in the right-hand panel. Highlight the device name and copy it.

Return to the Computer Configuration screen. Now paste the computer name in the leftmost text box. Now set the computer type to be “Workstation” then click the green checkmark located below the computer list.

Now close the Computer Configuration Screen. Reopen 3S. It will now ask you for your license key. You can find your license key on the License Manager page. Enter the key into the system then click the “Activate” button, then click close.

3S is now set up. However, sometimes we make mistakes and distribute a live copy of the database. If there is a tournament name on the main screen you will need to end the current tournament first. Goto Setup Menu #7 “Tournament End”. Click the delete button.

Once all the files have been deleted you can reopen 3S and the installation will be complete.


If you have any questions contact us.