This feature is not required, however it will show the shooters what trap they start with on their
receipt, however if you change the starting traps then this will invalidate the data on the printed
reports. It is not a software bug, as we frequently get calls about this issue. If you change the
starting traps there is no way for the printed paper to update with the changes. If you do make
changes before the event starts please be sure to include the changes on this screen that way all
new receipts will be correct.
1. In the squads menu open 5-Start Traps-On Deck
2. When it is open you will see this screen
3. Select the event number you wish to configure.

4. Select the number of banks you are going to be using.

5. Select the starting squad on bank 1, in this case it is 1.

6. Now you can either fill in the banks manually or you can use the button to the left. I am
going to use the button to the left.
7. First set the first bank number (The first number box) In this case it will be 2 as the first
trap is practice
8. Next set the number of traps skipped by shooters by changing the second number box. In
this case we are skipping 4 traps as the shooters are shooting 25 targets per trap and then
moving down one trap.

9. Now click the Add button. The trap assignments will automatically be filled

10. Repeat steps 3-9 for as many events as you have.