NOTE: Cross registration is where a shooter can register for both the ATA and PITA at the
same shoot, the targets count for both organizations. However this is a feature that is not used
everywhere. It is mainly used on the West Coast of the United States. Please consult the shoot
program before enabling this feature.

2. Check Cross Register Targets
3. Once the Cross Register Targets checkbox is checked, click the close button and restart

4. Now you need to set up the 2nd organization’s daily fees. Open Setup #2 – Fees

5. Now set up the daily fees for the second organization
■ 2nd Org Fee
■ State Fee
■ and any other fees you may want to charge
6. Also setup the Membership fee for the second organization
■ 2nd Org Mbsrshp Fee
7. Now close the Fees window. You have now set up cross registration. See CROSS
REGISTERING SHOOTERSto add shooters to cross registration