Sometimes you will need to change or add an option that either 3S cannot run or you need to
change the amount paid out. For example if you did not have enough people in one class for the
lewis you would need to edit their payment amount to refund. In this example we are
demonstrating what you need to do if only one (1) shooter in a lewis class.
1. Click 7-Add / Edit Payoff from Payoff Util menu (you will see this window below).

2. Verify that you are on the correct Event Number.
3. If it is a 200 Target event, be sure you are on the correct 100 (1st or 2nd).
4. Enter Shooters’ Member Number or select it from the list.
5. Click Find .
6. If you see the following message appear, it is OK. It just means that this shooter has not
earned any payoff money for the selected event yet.

7. Click Yes , you will see the following screen appear.

8. Adjust Lewis Class amount to $10.00 (refund) (you will see this window below).

9. Click the Post button, Window will automatically close.
10. Shooters’ option money is collected for end of day payout.