2. Click Enter Scores button (you will see this window below).

3. Verify Event Number, Squad Number. Click Find (you will see this window below).

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you double check Score Sheets before entering Scores
into Program. Manually add the Total 1 – 4 traps of targets on Score Sheet. (doing so will help
prevent entry errors).

4. Prior / Next Score Update. When entering scores, the system has a function or method it
uses to update the shooters scores for the event being done. When you are entering scores
and when the cursor exits either column two or column 4, the update score function is called.
This then updates each shooter on the squad total score. When this is done it also writes the
shooters class or yardage to their scores table. This is used when printing score sheets and
reports showing the shooters class / ydg when they shot the event.
If you turn the Prior / Next On , this function is called each time you hit the next or prior
button. This is handy if you have classified someone wrong that don’t catch it until after they
have shot. Change the class as usual, then call up the scores enter for that event. Once you
have a squad shown then make sure you have the Prior / Next on and when you click the next
or prior button, the system will update the score rather than having to tab through each
subevent to update the score.

4. Enter Score (Highlighted Blue) of First Trap, enter Second Trap, enter Third Trap, enter
Fourth Trap; tab through all Shooters. This will give Shooter’s Total Score of Event.
5. Click Next or Prior (bottom of window) to go to next Squad.
6. Click CLOSE after all Scores are Entered for Event to Close Window.

NOTE: If a shooter has shot and they do not appear in the enter scores screen this means that
the shooter has been squadded but has not paid for that event. If this happens, please call the
shooter to the office and ensure that they have paid for that event.


If Shooter has a gun malfunction or cannot finish Event; (note box on right).
Click Adj Possible Tgts .
1. Click on Shooter’s position ; Use the arrows to adjust how many targets the
Shooter actually shot at (you will see this window below).