2. Click 5-Handicapping button (you will see this window below).

3. Click the classifier’s name in turquoise box.
4. Click OK (you will see this window below).

5. Click Add Mem (you will see the window on the next page).

6. Shooter will need to fill out necessary membership forms for ATA or PITA. Clubs fill out
State form with Shooter’s information. (Send copies to ATA and State; Keep a copy for
7. Click Generate Member. If you have the Receipt Printer box checked, when you
finish adding the new shooter, you can hand them a receipt with the information and
temporary number that was assigned.

8. Enter the shooter’s Last First and MI (Middle Initial). Singles, Doubles, Yardage and
Special according to ATA or PITA Rules. Address, City, State (Abbreviated) Zip Code.
Country and Social Security Number if required.
“PLEASE DO NOT USE A COMMA” A comma will cause issues when running
any of the CSV file creationss.
9. Click Post .
NOTE: The shooter is now Handicapped. You will not need to classify them again. They can
go directly to squadding.

10. Click Abort if wrong information is entered. You will need to start over at Add New
Shooter Information Window (you will see this window below).

11. Enter Temporary Number and click Add.

12. Enter correct information and click Post when complete. You will see the following
message when it is added to the Member Table.

13. Click CLOSE to close Window.