2. Click Handicapping button (you will see this window below).

3. Highlight which Handicapper you are.
4. Click OK (you will see this window below).

5. Notice the Handicapper’s Initials are in RED ( upper Right Corner).

6. Ask for Shooters’ Average and Plastic Cards.

7. Enter Shooters’ number; Click Find (you will see this window below).

8. Verify Singles Class (use arrow to scroll to correct Class), Doubles Class (use arrow to
scroll to correct Class), Special Class (scroll arrow to correct Special Class); and Yardage
(scroll arrow to correct yardage).
9. Singles, Doubles; and Yardage must have a Class or Yardage entered to proceed.

10. Also verify address is correct for shooter. You may enter an email address if desired.

11. In the Red boxes to right the Class Breaks for Singles and Doubles are listed per
your Shoot Program.
12. This window will also alert you to whether the shooter is up to date with ATA dues.
13. Suggested Average is listed Based on the Shoots’ Class Setup Settings. (This is not
required to be used).
14. A Shooter may also ask what their LIFE target listing is; (listed to the right of Suggested
15. You are also able to see the last three years of History of Shooter (located on bottom of
16. Click Done ; once all data is verified. Shooter is now Handicapped for shoot.
17. Click CLOSE to Close Window.

○ T/O stands for targets only. This is used when a shooter does not have enough
handicap targets for an event. If the shoot program dictates that the shooters are
able to shoot at their normal yardage (opposed to penalty yardage), however they
cannot play options, win trophies, or qualify for HOA/HAA. Then you can
classify the shooter at their normal yardage, and select T/O, this will prevent them
from playing options or winning trophies.
○ Disc Tgts. stands for discounted targets. This will only come into use when a
shooter is in a category that allows them to shoot at a discounted price if they do
not play options. If the shooter wants they can lock their ability to play options
once a category is selected.
○ If you would like to pull up the last shooter who was classified you can press
CTL+Z to reopen that shooter in classification.
○ OPEN SHOOTER INFORMATION CENTER if you would like to open the ATA
shooter information center from classification to the active shooter click on the title of the
average box to open the webpage to that shooter. THIS ONLY WORKS IF THERE IS AN