1. In the quick buttons select Enter (you will see this window below).

2. Enter Shooter’s Number
3. Click Find (you will see this window below).

4. Verify Shooter’s Information, you may enter Social Security Number (SSN) in the
middle of this window if required.

5. Click Add (you will see this window below).

6. Verify all data at top of window. Squads which Shooter entered are listed.
7. Click Edit (you will see this window below).

8. Check the box for Options the Shooter decides to Enter.

9. If playing “All Lewis options”; you may check Lower middle box Check All Lewis
NOTE: This will only work if the option name is spelled “Lewis”
if it is spelled “Lws” this will not work.

10. Membership to be paid is also shown; check box if Shooter is not current. Be sure to
have Shooter fill out the ATA or PITA Membership form for shoot records.

11. Click Pay All; IF the Shooter wants to pay for the entire shoot, at this time.

12. Notice all Event Boxes are checked PAID . Double check all Options are checked.

13. Click Done (you will see this window below).

14. Click Yes in small Window if Amount is Correct. No if Amount or an Option is

15. Window shows the Events entered; Options played by Shooter Amount due to Club from
16. Click Done (you will see this window below).
17. Click Printer Icon (give shooter and club a receipt if two copies were chosen in setup
of shoot.
18. Receipt shows HDCP info; Sq/Pos; Tgts, Opts played; and what Starting Trap of Event.

19. Have the shooter VERIFY Handicap information is correct before leaving cashier

20. Congratulations, you have Handicapped, Squadded and Cashiered your Shooter.
21. Click CLOSE to Close Window.