1. Click 2-Yardage Purse button on PAYOFF MENU, which will display the following screen.
2. Notice Event # and Name Listed in Red : Event 2-100 HANDICAP .
3. If you choose not to run this option at time now, click Abort .

4. Click Setup .

5. Select Option # (which is #2). The name of option is shown in Red (YARDAGE) .
6. Click your choice of Percent or High Gun .
7. Verify the number of Yardage Groups shown.

8. Click Show (this will show how many shooters have entered the option; you will see
this window below).
9. Notice that Group 2 only has 1 shooter in it. You must change the Places for Group
2 from 2 to 1.

10. If using High Gun payout, and the top 2 (or more) shooters in the group have the same
score, 100 percent of the Group money divide by number of shooters with the same
11. Click Run.
12. Click Printer Icon (19 – 21.5 yards). First Yardage group.
13. Be sure to check at the Top Middle of Page: High Gun System Payoff for each Group.
14. You will need to repeat steps 12-14 until all Yardage Groups are printed.
15. Click CLOSE to Close Window and see the next Group.
16. The following report (4 pages) show each Group payout for High Gun.

Group 1 (60% / 40%)

Group 2 (100% to 1 shooter)

Group 3 (60% / 40%)

Group 4 (100% divided by 2)

17. If this Option was run as Percentage , the only change would be for Group 4, as shown