There are five individual purses within the Ford Purse .
One for a $1 for each of four sub-events (events of 25 targets) plus one for $1 on the total score
on 100 targets. Depending on the club, the 50’s can also be used in the Ford Purse option.
1. Click 13- Ford Purse button on PAYOFF MENU, which is displayed on the following screen.

2. Select the Ford Opt Number.
3. Click the Show button.
4. Click Run. You will have 4 different reports that should be printed.
5. Click Printer Icon .
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5, until all reports have been printed.

Ford Purse Printout 25 Scores
1. To determine the winner of a Ford Purse look at the first sort section, at the first
subevent 25’s, choosing the shooter with the highest number, then compare each subevent
of 25, until you have the shooter with the highest score, by 25’s. In this sample, the first
shooter shot 25 in each subevent, so he wins the first 25 for the amount of $33.00.
2. Now move to the second sort section. Since the first shooter has already won the first 25,
they can not win any other 25’s. So now start with the 2nd shooter, looking at the 25’s
under the 2, find the highest. Then to break the tie, look at the 25’s under the this process
until the tie is broken. That will be your winner.
3. Basically follow this same format for each Sort section. When you finish, you should
have 4 different shooters that all won 433.00. In the 25 Scores section.
4. Now skip to the Ford Purse Printout Total.

Ford Purse Printout 50 Scores.

Ford Purse Printout Total

5. Look at the above report, and the shooter with the highest score, they will be the Total
score winner.
6. The maximum amount a shooter may win is the value of two purses: one from winnings
on score in the sub-event plus one from winnings on the total score.
7. The following report shows the winners for each subevent and total.

Ford Purse Payoff Page

8. The dollar amounts written in red and hand calculated. Since the sample had 33 shooters
in the option, each of the winners for the 25’s will get $33.00 and the winner of the Total
will get an additional $33.00.
9. These dollar amounts will need to be manually updated on payoff screen. MANUALLY
10. Once you have the shooter brought up, enter the correct dollar amount in the (D)-Ford
Purse box (it is the 4th box in the middle column.