Shoot Pro 1.1.6


New Features

  • Event Refund – See Chapter 6 in the manual
  • Breakage Finder
  • 3S Scores Webconnector
  • New 3S Scores website (coming in July 2020)
  • My squad’s report
  • PITA memberships will now show as expired
  • Payoff summary can now run for a single shooter
  • Shooter payoff summary now lets you list shooters and total, without any additional details
  • Main screen checks for common issues with tournament setup
  • Main screen checks for issues with networking
  • See what programs a client computer has accessed
  • See current program a client computer is accessing

Bug Fixes

  • Barcodes print out now works with the member list
  • Squadding yardage update
  • Earn yardage now works with big 50’s and has native support for PITA rules
  • Reset checks launching issue
  • NY Lewis not printing or previewing
  • Fixed bug preventing resetting of classes in Shooter #12
  • Shooter payoff summary always shows a total
  • Fixed Access violation in Pay by Cash
  • Clients connected now displays correctly
  • Trap & Field (Updated) now prints correctly
  • Trap & Field (original) allows you to add shooters manually

Shoot Pro 1.1.5


  • Automatic backup system now implemented.
  • Removed Menu #4 because #3 does the same thing
  • Added menu item to open reports folder (menu #4)
  • PITA List import has been repaired (7-Load PITA History)


  • Special Class discounted targets now can either be by event or for the entire tournament (1-Tournament)
  • Tournament end will require confirmation on client computer (7-Tournament End)


  • Shooter has to confirm classification
  • Change Classifier at classification
  • Print barcode at classification


  • New squadding keyboard shortcuts
  • Yardage problems now compliant with 3-2 squad rules
  • Fixed issue with full squad squadding


  • Record payment types
  • Fixed exit button cashiering issue
  • Option 8 is not being found in cashiering for discounts, etc.
  • Cross Registration number shows on receipts
  • Removed the ability to modify shooters classification from cashiering


  • Total Entered now has a preview competition factor (7-Total Entered)
  • Total Entered can now print a report (7-Total Entered)

Master Edit

  • Master edit now shows the shooters history


  • Enter scores will no longer allow you to enter an invalid character
  • Updated Rolling Scoreboard (8-Rolling Scoreboard)
  • Rolling Squads Function
  • Cleaner UI
  • All settings saved to DB
  • Custom Colors
  • Fixed total entered bug
  • Change events without closing and reopening

Payoff Util

  • Export event payoff summary as text (4-Payoff Reports/Summary)
  • Payoff Summary report reporting incorrect classes has been fixed (4-Payoff Reports/Summary)
  • Reprint Receipt button on menu bar (5-Check Register)
  • New filters on pay by cash (6-Pay Shooter/Pay Cash or Check)
  • Print Single Check from Pay by Cash (6-Pay Shooter/Pay Cash or Check)
  • Tab adjust has been fixed
  • Export check register to QIF (quicken format)


  • Trophy report now has an option to tally the number of shooters in class or yardage group (1-High Gun Report/Trophy)
  • New Trap and Field Program (1-High Gun Report/Winners and Shoot Offs)
  • Earned yardage is now fully automated (7-Earned Yardage)


  • Perpetual purse has been fixed (Options)
  • 10 way purse added (Options)


  • Reprint Receipt button on menu bar
  • New Diagnostic tools
  • Export a shooter’s receipts as PDF

Shoot Pro 1.1.4

  •  Event Selection
  •  Rolling Scoreboard
  •  Penalty Classification Issue
  •  #1100 errors
  •  200 Target Events where shooter only shoots 2nd 100
  •  Enter Scores
  •  HOA/HAA issues
  •  ATA/PITA Scores
  •  Workstation not found
  •  Network limit exceeded
  •  Trophy Report
  •  CLS/SQD/ENT not working
  •  Add new shooter fails
    Many other smaller bugs have also been patched.

Shoot Pro 1.1.3 and prior

Versions Prior to Shoot Pro 1.1.3 were not tracked