The 3S Philosophy

We at Shooting Sports Software are committed to supplying the shooting sports with the best Windows-based solutions for your tournament needs. We plan on introducing systems that will support Trap Shooting, Skeet Shooting, League Shooting, Sporting Clays. Being shooters ourselves we realize that the best way to keep people coming back your clubs is to offer quality service, good targets and fair and balanced payoffs generated in a reasonable time frame

We fully realize that it is impossible to have everything included in our systems that meet the needs of all clubs and organizations. We are willing to listen to any reasonable requests for additions to our baseline packages that can be integrated into the baseline product. We will not entertain including any of the numerous types of option payoffs that are offered by clubs that are only used by the requesting club but other options will be considered. The programs have the ability to write these nonstandard options to a flat file that you can then import into a spreadsheet program. You can then use the spreadsheet to compute these payoffs and then input the winners into the 3S system via the Payoff Utilities Menu. Any requests for variations to our baseline product should be forwarded to [email protected]

The History of 3S 

​Back in the mid-eighties George Cook, the founder of 3S, started developing the first version of a computerized shoot cashiering system. The original system was designed for CPM (a predecessor to DOS) written in Basic, it was distributed to a few clubs in Utah. Soon it became apparent that CPM was dying, George realized that it was time to move to the new DOS operating system. He began working on a DOS Basic program, however at his day job he began to work with dBase III. It became apparent that a database driven application would be the future. Soon the Basic version of the software was deprecated instead the next iteration of the software would be written in dBase III. This version released in the late 80’s was named Dead-A-Pair the first commercially available full fledged shoot cashiering system. Dead a pair was commercially sold until the early 2000’s. In 1998 George was introduced to something he had not yet seen, Microsoft Windows. He saw Windows as the future of computing and shortly began writing the latest version of the system using Borland C++ builder with a Paradox database. In 2001 when this first version of the Windows based system was released it was named Trap 2001. Throughout the years George continued to update the system alone. Releasing over 30 new versions of 3S incorporating as many features as he possibly could, thus making the most advanced Windows based cashiering system available. However, in 2014 with 500 users George realized that he would not be able to run 3S alone. He brought on a 15 year old kid, named Marcello, to help continue the development of the system. Within a year Marcello had created a website that automatically pulls scores from the 3S database and uploaded them to the web called Soon after George had entrusted Marcello with the source code to the full system. Over the course of the next 3 years Marcello and George changed the way the system worked from the ground up. Scrapping the old Paradox database for Elevate Database, the two also worked on upgrading the code to be compliant with a new development system called Embarcadero RAD Studio (C++). On July 4th 2018, they released their latest system Shoot Pro. In late 2019 George Cook, the founder of 3S had decided that it was time to retire. Since then Marcello has taken over the company with, and continues to update and support 3S products.