Meet The Team

George Cook


George Cook started 3S in 1985, he is a programming extraordinaire. After all he is the main developer of 3S

Marcello Bachechi

Lead Developer

Marcello Bachechi Joined the 3S Team in 2014 and since then has developed and has taken over most programming responsibilities

The 3S Philosophy

We at shooting sports software are committed to supplying the shooting sports with the best Windows-based solutions for your tournament needs. We plan on introducing systems that will support Trap Shooting, Skeet Shooting, League Shooting, Sporting Clays.

We fully realize that it is impossible to have everything included in our systems that meet the needs of all clubs and organizations. We are willing to listen to any reasonable requests for additions to our baseline packages that can be integrated into the baseline product. We will not entertain including any of the numerous types of option payoffs that are offered by clubs that are only used by the requesting club but other options will be considered. The programs have the ability to write these nonstandard options to a flat file that you can then import into a spreadsheet program. You can then use the spreadsheet to compute these payoffs and then input the winners into the 3S system via the Payoff Utilities Menu.

Being shooters ourselves we realize that the best way to keep people coming back your clubs is to offer quality service, good targets and fair and balanced payoffs generated in a reasonable time frame.

Any requests for variations to our baseline product should be forwarded to

I began shooting trap in 1968, became a member of the ATA in 1974 and became an ATA life member in 1981. In 1985 I began to write software to track and payoff Trap Shooting Tournaments. Since 1985 the program has grown into what we now call Shooting Sports Software. The program started with a CPM program written in Basic, then a DOS Basic program next was a dBaseIII program with payoffs written in Basic. The new version is written in C++. We here at 3S believe that you will be very satisfied with our system.