This is our most exciting release yet. With several new features designed to help with every aspect of managing a tournament to better networking configuration, including automatic server detection. With extra attention given to the PITA to create a better experience for shooters and management of PITA tournaments.

New Features

Some new features include

  • Server auto-detection
  • Event Refund
  • Breakage Finder
  • Earned Yardage supports Big 50 rules
  • All new discounted targets system
  • See current program a client computer is accessing
  • Print scores automatically figure out the next squad to be printed.
  • Manager password to enable special features in

PITA Improvements

Some new features include

  • PITA memberships will now show as expired
  • Auto Classification now works with PITA rules
  • Earned Yardage respects PITA Rules
  • Earn yardage now works with big 50’s and has native support for PITA rules
  • Cross registering a PITA shoot with an ATA shoot, ATA report now exports in the correct format

To see all of the changes view the changelog on our website.


If you get any errors during the update process click here