3S Shooting Sports Software is pleased to announce that its portfolio of products and services has been acquired by Straight Score, LLC, a newly formed technology company dedicated to the clay target shooting industry.

3S Shooting Sports Software has been a leading developer of trapshooting cashiering systems for more than 20 years. 3S has established a solid reputation for accuracy, reliability, and customer support. The founder, George Cook, dedicated his life to the trapshooting community. His work has transformed the sport of trapshooting by providing shooters with rapid, efficient computer services at a time when hand calculations were the only choice. We congratulate George on his retirement and look forward to seeing him on the trapline for many years to come.

Straight Score, LLC is a collaboration between 3S Shooting Sports Software, creator of Shoot Pro, and Lite Release, LLC, creator of PreSquad.com. These two shooting software companies will be working together to create the next generation of cashiering systems. In the coming months, significant resources using a variety of technologies will be committed to enhancing the clay target shooting experience, while reducing the workload of running a shoot.

Current 3S customers can expect to receive the same support levels that they have enjoyed over the years. As we transition to new forms of technology, we may or may not keep the 3S name, but we will always keep our club and shooters first and foremost in our goals.

Please direct all inquiries, correspondence, and payments to:

Straight Score, LLC
215 Girard Ave
Newtown Sq. PA, 19073
+1 (801) 396-7800
[email protected]
[email protected]