Introducing 3S Shoot Pro

3S has been the worlds #1 shoot cashering software for over a decade. Since the initial release, we have added hundreds of features. Today I am excited to announce the largest change in the software ever with Shoot Pro by 3S Shooting Sports Software. We have gotten rid of the slow BDE and replaced it with a new database that is exponentially faster and easier to configure. No more mapping network drives, simply specify the computer you want to connect to with no setup and you are done! It’s just that easy! Shoot Pro has many more advanced features such as the ability to save to PDF directly and one-click ATA/PITA updates. Learn more about all of the new features below!

  • Updated User Interface
  • Designed for Windows 10
  • New Database
  • Easier Configuration
  • Barcodes to lookup shooters
  • Automatic backups
  • Easy restore
  • One click ATA updates
  • Save Reports to PDF
  • Enhanced security
  • Self-Correcting Payouts
  • Alternative Trophy Report
  • Create a squad and paste where you would like
  • Empty Post in handicap event now finds post that is applicable for that shooter
  • Improved Paystub Layout
  • Faster performance
  • End Of Shoot Wizard
  • Use Card Reads in Squadding
  • Improved Trophy List
  • Customize reports and home screen
  • And More!

3S Shoot pro is hands down the largest update to 3S ever made. It is perfect for anyone, anywhere. Welcome to the 21st century of shooting.

If you are interested in pricing or purchasing 3S Shoot Pro check out our products page. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are a current 3S member you can see if you are eligible for any discounts here.