Dear 3S Customers,

I will be reducing my role in 3S. For 32 years I have been managing sales, tech support, and development. It is becoming a lot for me to manage.  I have decided to step away from the day to day operations of 3S and let my business partners Tiger Volz and Marcello Bachechi take over a large portion of the day-to-day operations. I hope to be “retired” by Spring of 2018.  However, I will still be a part of 3S for many years to come. I will no longer be providing technical support or sales assistance. I ask that you update your contact information for 3S to no longer be my personal phone number and email, and instead use the new company phone number and email.  3S will continue to be around providing the #1 shoot cashiering software in the world, and world-class technical support. I will just no longer be in charge.  This is a very hard decision for me but with the technology changing as fast as it does I am at that age where it’s time to declare that I can no longer keep up. Therefore I have decided it’s time to exit and let the next generation of developers to take over. I look forward to seeing the future that Marcello and Tiger will bring forward.

Thank you,

George Cook